Why does my eyelash extension feel crunchy?

You love to wear eyelash extensions more often but sometimes they cause issues that you worry about. Well, you should, because they are attached to a very delicate part of your body. Many women as this question- do eyelash extensions hurt? 

Well, the answer is not that simple. When wearing a fashion accessory like that, you need to be sure about its painless application. Also, you need to be a little attentive to the condition of the extension as well. Ultimately, it’s that tiny add-on that causes all the problems.

So should you stop eyelash extensions altogether then? When fashion can be prudent and hassle-free, why say no to it? Thus, let’s find out why these modern small and smart accessories cause such problems.

Here’s why eyelash extensions get difficult to wear

There is a number of reasons that can make eyelash extensions very troublesome for your eyes. If you use it, then read on, you’ll certainly find some useful insights.

Too Thick Or Tight

This happens either due to the extensions’ application being too close to the skin or due to its enhanced size. Whatever the reason is, if you’re feeling it, then there shouldn’t be any delay in visiting the salon. The wiser decision would be to choose an expert who has been dealing with this product for many years. 

Clashing With Your Natural Eyelashes

When the extensions are placed too near to your natural eyelashes, they could give you an unpleasant feeling. Also, you might notice some eyelashes coming off of your eyelashes. And if that happens, you know it’s time to stop immediately. Because you don’t want to lose the natural thing due to a faulty product or its improper application. 

Causing Eye Inflammation

Another alarming sign that should make you stop using the extension immediately. If your skin is too sensitive, you might see white spots above your eyelids. This condition is known as blepharitis. While it’s harmful to your eyes or skin, it might cause worry to you. And that’s another chance for you to choose a professional. 

Too Heavy To Bear

You might choose to wear an extension that’s too heavy for your eyes. If you feel a lot of weight on your eyelid, then it’s definitely the case. Well, to prevent that to happen, it is a must to take the advice of a professional before choosing the product. 

Improper Application

Last but not the least, a wrong application can also cause the extension to cause discomfort. In fact, it is a major factor behind pain and quicker deterioration of the extension. So again, make sure that you’re choosing a professional to give you an extra edge on this.


Eyelash extensions will add glamor and grace to your face. And they’ll do it without causing any trouble if they’re applied skillfully. At Lash Spa, it’s possible to get rid of all the problems to get a flawless look effortlessly. With us, you will be a diva without any downside. 

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