Do Divorce Lawyers Handle Personal Injury Suits?

There are thousands of divorces each year. In 2021, there were a total of 689,308 divorces in the US. Global divorce rates are also relatively high at 1.8%

Marriages involve hard work and sometimes, people find it challenging to keep a relationship going. No matter how hard they try, individuals get divorced and marriages end. 

Couples seeking a divorce hire divorce lawyers to represent them in legal affairs that ensue as a result of a divorce filing. Divorce lawyers help negotiate the terms of the agreement that allow both parties to get out of the marriage. 

Legal proceedings related to divorce may be complicated, so good legal representation is critical. Divorces involve dividing assets, liabilities, and custody rights in case children are involved. Lawyers help sort out affairs so an agreement can be reached and the two parties can go their separate ways. 

Qualification Requirements For Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers trained specifically in the realm of Family Law. They assist in the dissolution of a marriage. Marriages may involve many issues, like asset division, custody rights, and even claims about the nature of the relationship, like domestic abuse claims Joplin Personal Injury Lawyers

Seven years of formal education is required, along with a license to practice as a divorce lawyer, to begin representing clients in a court of law. Lawyers must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree in any field in addition to this; they must have a law degree. The law degree program is three years long. 

Aside from completing seven years of education, each lawyer must pass the state’s bar exam. Passing the bar exam requires a license that allows lawyers to practice. 

There is no specification about the bachelor’s degree that an individual with the prospect of becoming a lawyer needs to pursue. Many lawyers get a degree in English language, sociology, psychology, political science, and even foreign languages. 

After getting an undergrad, individuals need to apply to a law school. During the three-year law degree, lawyers take introductory courses in civil procedures, legal writing, property laws, torts, contracts, and constitutional law. 

In the latter half of their degree, specialized courses, like divorce law, personal injury law, criminal law, environmental law, etc., are taken. 

This means that no matter what specialization a lawyer takes during their degree, they are well versed in the fundamentals of law. Additionally, lawyers can deal with cases in general, whether they are within the realm of their expertise or not. 

Can A Divorce Lawyer Deal With A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Normally when we think of personal injury, we think of workplace injuries or road-related accidents. While these are the most common types of personal injury lawsuits, you would be surprised to know that divorce lawyers frequently deal with personal injury cases as well. 

Since all lawyers study tort law which is the basis of personal injury cases, most can handle cases involving injuries and damages. So, divorce lawyers can deal with personal injury cases. For example, a divorce lawyer in San Francisco can handle San Francisco car accident cases without issues. 

Reasons Why Divorce Lawyers Handle Personal Injury Cases

There are two primary reasons why a divorce lawyer may be required to handle personal injury cases. Both have to do with the complicated nature of all kinds of legal cases, including divorces. 

Personal Injury Caused Due To The Marriage

The first reason is simple; a divorce may be based on a claim of domestic abuse, which entails personal injury. 

While some divorces are amicable, many are not. Sometimes, one or both parties may claim emotional and/or physical abuse. When such claims are made, divorce proceedings involve investigations into abuse claims. 

Like personal injury cases, divorce lawyers gather and inspect evidence of abuse that may or may not qualify the plaintiff grounds to seek compensation. 

Psychological evaluations, witness testimonies, as well as medical records, and police reports are compiled and presented to prove personal damage and make an argument for compensation as a result.

Abuse is quite common and 24% of all marriages end due to domestic abuse. Abuse may be physical or emotional. In both cases, if damages can be proven, compensation for the abuse may be part of the divorce settlement. 

This makes sense since divorce is not simply a dissolution of marriage. It is a means to gain closure. Getting compensation for abuse suffered through the course of the marriage provides some consolation to the aggrieved party. 

Personal Injury Suffered During The Marriage

Another situation relates to a personal injury sustained during the marriage, however, is not related to marriage. This includes workplace injuries, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and other personal or property damage. 

The reason why divorce lawyers need to look into these cases is quite simple. Any personal injury compensation earned or paid can be subject to division. among the spouses just like any other asset earned or expense incurred. 

This is especially true when one of the spouses has suffered damages and is making a compensation claim. The idea is that since the spouses were together when the personal injury occurred, both suffered. For example, if one of the spouses gets injured at work and has to bear the medical expense and take time off, a claim can be made that the other spouse also suffered from the situation. Naturally, the spouse that wasn’t hurt would have to tend to the individual who suffered the injury. 

Legality Of Divorce And Personal Injury Cases

Legal cases are complex and a lawyer specializing in one field may have to research another to deal with those complexities. Divorce settlements involving personal injury claims are an example of such cases. 

Lawyers, as a result, must have a deep understanding of all kinds of legal matters regardless of their field of specialization. After all, you may never know what legal issues are contained in a particular case. 

When you are caught in any case, be it a divorce or personal injury, getting legal counsel is necessary. Divorce lawyers can handle personal injury cases since they are trained. They may not have a lot of practice in dealing with personal injury cases; however, as lawyers, they can approach the case with legal professionalism. 

If anything, your divorce lawyer will recommend a good personal injury lawyer as they know each other. Legal counsel can save you time, money, effort and heartache.

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